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Created by Garry Kirby   To compete you must be part of a team........Some teams may have a seat available but you must get the owners permission before signing up to race for them...........DON'T JUST SIGN-UP AS A DRIVER WE NEED TEAMS TO TAKE PART AS WELL................ITS NOT HARD TO SET-UP A TEAM, INFACT ITS QUITE FUN............

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 Make sure you've read and understood the rules before joining.

Note : We need teams as well so please set one up. Click on the Team sign-up to see how to make and set-up your team.

Driver :

please ignore the error message. You information will be sent so don't keep pressing submit

Name :
Team (if any) :  You must have the team owners permission before signing
E-Mail :
Nationality :

Click to read about team management

Team Set-up section

Make sure you have remembered your model types that you want.

Alternatively you can use the default of : Engine D , Tyre  E , Chassis D 

Team Name :
Owner :
Homepage :
E-mail :
Seats Available :
Engine Model :         eg : D, Honda
Tyre Model :             eg : E, Goodyear
Chassis Model :        eg: D, MP4/14