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Created by Garry Kirby   You must read all the rules before competing...............Make sure you understand the rules before signing up.............If you don't then you can check the forum.............If you still don't understand then you may place a question on the forum itself...........ENJOY.....

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 How to set up GP2 for the championship.

First of all you need a few utilities which can be found on the down loads page. You need to patch the game with the carset provided using GP2edit by Steven Young. Do not change any of the settings. 

Note : Only the first 13 Teams and Drivers will go into the carset. If your not one of these teams or drivers  then you substitute your car and driver in place of the 13th team. You then have to change a few car settings to your specifications. See the team section in the sign-up section for more details.

You must play the game, be it qualifying or race, using the SEMI-PRO setting. The drivers aids allowed are F1, F2, F5, F6, F7. You do not have to use all of these aids, but you are not allowed use any others.


To qualify choose your car from the drivers menu. Then go to Free Practice and use any set-up you like on your car, and try post a quick lap (Hot Lap) and when your happy that you've posted a good lap send it in. You have 1 week to qualify. See below for details on how to submit your results. The results will be posted on the Monday after the deadline.


To race you must come back to this site and see where you've qualified. If you qualify 27th or below you start at the back of the grid in 26th position. Then go into Drive Options and in the Quick race part put your starting position.

The race winner is the person who finishes the race in the quickest overall time. After you cross the finish line when the RACE OVER appears on the screen you must press Esc. and save it. See below for submitting results.


The deadlines for each race can be seen in the deadlines section. 


All forms of cheating are not allowed. 

Note : we can tell if you have cheated in any way and if caught you will be disqualified.


This is the points scoring system for race results.

1st 50 - 8th 28 - 15th 14 - 22nd 7
2nd 45 - 9th 25 - 16th 13 - 23rd 6
3rd 40 - 10th 22 - 17th 12 - 24th 5
4th 38 - 11th 20 - 18th 11 - 25th 4
5th 35 - 12th 18 - 19th 10 - 26th 3
6th 32 - 13th 16 - 20th 9 - 27th 2
7th 30 - 14th 15 - 21st 8 - 28th 1



20 - 4th 12 - 7th 6 - 10th 3
2nd 18 - 5th 10 - 8th 5 - 11th 2
3rd 15 - 6th 8 - 9th 4 - 12th 1

Submitting Results

To submit your qualifying result e-mail us with your fastest hot lap. You name your Hot Lap by your driver I.D. which you receive after you sign-up.

Example : If your driver I.D. is 14 and its the 4th race in the season you name the file    14.HLD

To submit your race result using the sane example would be  14.QRD

Note : The file extensions .HLD and .QRD are done automatically. Do not change them in any way.


Any questions about the rules then e-mail me, or look in the forum.