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Rules Part1



Game Configuration

The Game must be set up in accordance to the Formula you are entered in. See below for more information.

You must patch the game with the car-set provided, and will need to enter a few options for your team. Go to the Rules Part 3 section for more info.

You must have car failures off, and use any setup you like. A number of sites can be found in yahoo if you don't know how to setup your car.


Some drivers are better then others so a division table has been made up. As this is a new league we currently only have 3 divisions. This is because we want to fill up these first three before opening another. Don't worry if you find out that theses divisions are full up as we will make new one as soon as they are full. 

The information for the divisions about the race distances are shown below along with the skill level for each division and the budget for each division to buy engine, chassis and fuel, More info in section 3.

When you go to the sign-up section make sure that you tell use what division you want to be entered in.


Formula Budget Skill level
A 50 million Ace
B 40 million Professional
C 30 million Intermediate

You must race at your skill level. The following shows the driving aids allowed in the divisions and the race distance.


Formula Driver Aids Race Length
A F2, F6, F7 100%
B F2, F3, F6, F7 75%
C F1, F2, F3, F5, F6, F7 50%

N.B : F4 (INDESTRUCTIBILITY) is not allowed at any level. 

N.B2 : You do not have to use all the driving levels for your division, example, if your in Formula C you don't have to use the F2 or F3 keys if you don't want to. However you can not use more then allocated, example, Formula A drivers can't use F1.


To race you have to be part of a team. If you don't want to be part of a team you can join an existing one. Go to the sign-up section to view available rides. If no rides are available you can set up your own team. See Rules section 3.


You must send in your Qualifying results before the deadline. 

To Qualify go to Practice any circuit, and chose to correct circuit to qualify on. Then you can set your best laps. You have a week to qualify and when your happy that you've set a fast time send it in.

The Qualifying results will be posted on the Tuesday after the deadline.

N.B : See rules section 4 to see how to send it in.


To race you must come back to this site and go to the schedule section and click on the appropriate race. Then go to the Qualifying section to see where you start.

After you see where you start go into Quick-Race and put in your starting order on the grid. Then chose to correct race and then RACE.

You must send in the correct file before the deadline. Go to section 4 to see what to send in.

Championship Points

Everyone gets points in gp2 championship season 2000/01. Look below to see.


1st 50 - 8th 28 - 15th 14 - 22nd 7
2nd 45 - 9th 25 - 16th 13 - 23rd 6
3rd 40 - 10th 22 - 17th 12 - 24th 5
4th 38 - 11th 20 - 18th 11 - 25th 4
5th 35 - 12th 18 - 19th 10 - 26th 3
6th 32 - 13th 16 - 20th 9 - 27th 2
7th 30 - 14th 15 - 21st 8 - 28th 1

Its helpful if you have two drivers in your team as there is also a team championship.

Pole position gets an extra 5 points, and the fastest lap gets 5 points.

The driver with the most points is declared the champion. In the event of a tie the driver with the most wins is declared the champion.

Rules Part2- Penalties