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Rules Part4

Result Submission


Required files

There are two important files required. They are to be attached to your e-mail along with your results that you write down. The attachments are required in zip form. The files required are :

1) A hot lap replay ( .HL ) along with your result

2) A finished Quick Race game ( .QR )  to be saved after you cross the finish line when to words RACE OVER appear.

Do not modify the file extensions in any way. You name the required files with your driver I.D.


Drivers I.D.

Your drivers I.D. is written like this.

If your driver number is 13 and you race in formula B and the race is at Monaco then you send in your file like this.    B13.QRD

The same for your Qualifying Hot Lap. The driver I.D. is written as : B13.HLD


Sending in files

To send in files you need to zip them. If you don't have such a programme you can find it here.  You must name it as the other files, so our previous example will be  B13.ZIP. The zip will contain either your Qualifying Hot Lap, or your finished Quick Race. The zip will accompany your results when you e-mail them in to me.



The results will be posted in the schedule section under the races sub heading.

The qualifying results will be posted on the Tuesday after the deadline and the race results on the Wednesday. Those who fail to send in their results on time will start at the back of the grid, for the qualifying deadline, and deducted 10 seconds from their race result.


Now that you've read and understand the rules you can sign-up.